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    3 reviews for Custom Requests

    1. Brant Watson

      Angie and her husband by far are the epitome of customer service in my opinion. Being in law enforcement I came to them with custom designs to the point that they had never been done before. What they presented me with as the final product was nothing short of fantastic and the brain child of 2 geniuses. I have numerous custom holsters for my glock 19 with x300. Glock 19. Glock 43. As well as my fellow brothers in blue who wanted to know where I got the bad ass holsters from. Do not hesitate to give them. Project. Angie will deliver 10 times over with something you will never forget.

    2. Kendrick Dexter

      Click holsters is the most amazing company i have worked with. They did a fantastic above expectations job on a custom holster that 10 other companies couldnt help me with. Click holsters is everything you could ever want and more.

    3. Joan Reilly-Rosa

      Thank you for running an ethical company backed by pride in your product! Angie went out of her way to make sure all issues with my custom holster were approved before continuing with the production process.
      There were several issues with my holster, and they were extensively researched and promptly addressed.
      I feel as if I am not just a customer, but part of a family. If you want a quality product with specifications tailored to your needs, you need not look any further than Click Holsters!
      Many thanks!

      I felt valued and respected as a customer

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