What is the turn around time after an order is placed?

We have been extremely blessed with such a great following of customers! Generally we shoot for 1 week. But with our rapid growth in the past year, it can occasionally take up to 3-4 weeks. Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimated completion time when you order. Each holster is hand made to order and we have to give those hands a break every now and then. Sometimes we need to order special materials for custom orders and colors. Depending on the speed our raw materials arrive, that can affect the completion time. We appreciate everyone’s patience! We know you will absolutely love your Click Holster when you get it! 🙂

Where are Click Holsters™ made?

AMERICA! Specifically Northern Indiana. PROUDLY  american_icon_big

Can you make custom Holsters?

Yes we make the best and most unique custom holsters! You can order anything super specific and unique that you cannot find on the website using our Custom Order form.

Can you print a special design or logo?

Yes we can print a high quality image, design, or logo onto kydex.

The process require a light colored kydex to be used and you will see that color on the edges. We CAN NOT print any licensed images or logo’s

We do charge a one time design fee to pay for the professional design expert to make it: $50

Do you have inside the waistband with belt loops?

Yes we have a strut and loop attachment system that is tuckable.

Can I get a holster made with a case/light system?

Yes, but we may need you to ship your laser/ light system to our shop for use in making your custom holster. You can email us at [email protected] to start this process.

What is a Tuckable holster?

A tuckable holster is made with a strut and belt loop, the strut pulls away from the holster allowing clearance between holster and pants that allow for a tucked shirt, thus hiding the firearm and holster completely with only the belt loop showing around your belt.

Can I adjust retention or cant?

We build all of our holsters with adjustable cant options as well as adjustable retention, built in.

What thickness of Kydex sheet do you use for our holsters?

We generally use.08 Kydex sheet for all out Holsters. The printed kydex measures out at .93

Left handed holsters?

We can make lefty holsters for leftys. Righty holsters for rightys. Righty holsters for leftys. And Lefty holsters for rightys. Does that answer your question? 🙂

What is the return policy for broken or faulty holsters?

We have a 100% quality guarantee. Rarely do we have faulty holsters or product, but in the event there happens to be something wrong on our end, we will take care of it. Our return policy is 14 days from purchase with a 20% restocking fee. If you wish to trade it in for a different holster during that period, you must purchase the new holster. We will send the new holster with a return mailer. Once we receive the old holster, we will refund your money but charge a 20% restocking fee.


Why the 20% restocking fee on returns? Our holsters are made custom to your order and thus make it very difficult for us to resell the order.

How wide are the belt loops for your OWB holsters?

Our belt loops are 1.5in. We can make 2in kydex belt loops if requested.